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Beaufort, South Carolina Nature and Photography

nature photo of white pelicansBeing a full time fishing guide I spend a lot of time in the outdoors… I guess that’s just one of the perks of the job. One of the coolest things about being out in nature is all of the neat things that you see everyday. I doubt that there is trip that goes by where I don’t stop to point something out that has caught my eye. It may be something as simple as a bald eagle flying overhead or an group of otters playing along the shoreline. Beaufort is a true outdoor ¬†enthusiasts an nature photographers dream! nature photo of blue heron on nestThe coastal waters surrounding Beaufort County are part of a saltwater estuary. Most people don’t realize that this area receives very little fresh waters influx, but rather all our currents are tidal driven. On a given day Beaufort will have two high and two low tides that may differ by as much as 11 feet… now thats a lot of water movement! Basically speaking, the tides are the engine that drives most of the coastal wildlife from fish to birds to many mammals. If you take a look at a local map you will see that Beaufort County is a true coastal community, most of which is only accessible by boat. Not only do you have the larger bodies of water such as the Port Royal Sound and the Broad River but miles of small creeks and tributaries that feed the into the spartina grasses and up to the shoreline. picture of dolphinsBeaufort is a great place to view and photograph wildlife. We have a number of resident and migratory birds. Throughout the year we see birds such as blue heron, brown pelicans, oyster catchers, osprey and various shore birds. During the summer months birds such as wood storks and roseate spoonbills will migrate up from the south, and during the winter birds such as buffleheads, loons and sea ducks will migrate from the north. We also see a number of animals near the shoreline to include; raccoons, otters and deer. I have even seen a few manatees and of course we see bottle nosed dolphins almost every day. I offer a number of different private boat tours that may range from photo safaris to sunset cruises to dolphin watching tours. For more information about pricing please call or e-mail me for more information. This is only a brief overview of what we may see on a given day. If would like to know more about the nature and photography opportunities around Beaufort, SC contact my by shooting me an e-mail or giving me a call. Captain Charlie

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