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Ladyfish – The Poor Mans Tarpon

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Poor Mans Tarpon – Lady Fish

With the dog days of summer we are seeing some of the best fishing of the year. To beat the heat of the day; we decided to get an early start on the days fishing, and leave the dock at day break. There is nothing like the feeling that you get while running down the river in the early morning with low light and you know that you’re on your way to a favorite fishing hole. We pull up a feeder creek that empties into a small bay of oyster bars and mixed spartana grass. The tide is falling out of the creek and bringing with it an abundance of shrimp and baitfish. We get set and immediately start to hook up on “the poor mans tarpon” known more commonly as ladyfish. We can’t keep bait in the water for more than a few seconds before one of these hungry monsters gobbles it down. For an hour we see this steady action and then, as if someone turned off the fish switch, it’s over. Who knows why they stopped but we sure had a great time playing with them while it lasted. To hear more tails of whoppers and mishaps give me a call and let’s put together a fishing trip and until then “catch em up”!

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