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Accuracy Casting in Fly Fishing

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

One of the most important skills in all of fly fishing is being able to make accurate casts. This video will show you a few tips to help improve your fly casting skills for both fresh and saltwater fly fishing. Thanks for watching, Captain Charlie




Beaufort, SC Tailing Redfish

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Tailing Redfish

beaufort tailing redfishWithout a doubt we are lucky to have such a great inshore fishery here in the Beaufort area. We have the opportunity to catch redfish on a year round basis on light tackle spinning and fly rods using artificial lures, live bait and flies. Moreover, we use a number of different fishing tactics that would include poling the shallow water mud fats, baiting the oyster bars, grass edges and creek mouths and sight fishing for tailing redfish. Though catching redfish by any method is always fun, sight fishing adds a whole new element! As we approach spring this becomes ever so true as the redfish will begin to flood the shallow short grass flats in search of fiddler crabs and thus marking the beginning of the tailing season. What is a tailing redfish you may ask? As redfish feed along the bottom in shallow waters they dip their noses down to the bottom thus exposing their tails above the surface as they feed. It really is quite a sight to see and gets anglers across South Carolina fired up to go fishing.

Imagine this: Your wading along a shallow short grass flat in mere inches of water as the tide slowly starts to flood in through the spartina grass. In the distance you hear fish crashing through the grass as they push in to feed on fiddler crabs. It doesn’t take long for the tide to flood up above your ankles and as you look down the flat you can see a red tail tipped in blue waving above the surface. Within a few minutes you see another and then another, before you realize it you are in the middle of a red hot tailing bite. The only question now is whether or not you can keep hands from shaking long enough make an accurate cast to place a fly in front of a feeding redfish!

I consider fishing for tailing redfish to be the ultimate hunt with a fishing rod. It really combines the sports of hunting and fishing in the way that we pick out one fish, stalk it until we have the right shot and then fire away with the fishing rod in hopes of getting a bite. Though you can fish for tailing reds out of the boat I prefer to wade fish because you do have an advantage in mobility and a lower profile… plus it really adds to the hunt! As far as tackle I recommend 8-17 pound spinning rods spooled with braided line or an 8 weight fly rod. Most soft plastic lures will work along with small crab fly pattens and even live bait. For wading the flats you simply need an old pair of lace up tennis shoes (lace them tight to keep periwinkles out) and a fanny pack to carry your extra tackle. Good luck and until next time Catch em Up! Captain Charlie

Captain Charlie Beadon


Cobia Fishing in Beaufort, SC

Monday, May 7th, 2012

The Brown Bomber – Fly Fishing for Cobia in Beaufort, SC

You couldn’t ask for a prettier spring day to be out on the water on Port Royal Sound between Beaufort and Hilton Head, South Carolina and on this trip we were after cobia. After sitting on the hook (anchored up) soaking baits with little success we decide to pick up and do some sight fishing. As I retreave the anchor my fishing buddy quickly runs for his fly rod. He ties on this horrible looking orange and yellow fly that you wouldn’t expect any self respecting fish to as much as look at. The sight fishing conditions are good with light mid day winds and a slacking tide. It doesn’t take long to find our first target and with a good cast we get a strike from a small cobia…but it doesn’t last long as the hook pulls out and we see our fish cruising out of sight. It was probably good to, because with in five minutes we find what looks to be a giant brown torpedo cruising down the river. I can tell by the excited shake in my buddies voice that he’s nervous, but he manages to keep his composure and make a perfect cast right on the nose of the fish. I don’t think the fish lost stride as it opened its mouth and slurped down that awful looking fly…what a bite. With a few strip sets we were on for an hour and a half battle with what turned out to be a 45 pound cobia. Now that’s fly fishing at its best! To hear more tails of whoppers and mishaps give me a call and let’s put together a fishing trip and until then “catch em up”!

57 lb cobia

Beaufort Fishing Forecast for May

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Fishing Forecast Beaufort, SC

As the days become longer and the air temperature warms up so does the water. As the inshore waters heat up so does the fishing. Look for trout and redfish to become more active and cobia to start moving in.

This month’s feature is Inshore Cobia Fishing

beaufort cobia fishing

Cobia season is right around the corner! For those of you who don’t know this is our biggest fish run of the year and it seems that everyone will be going cobia crazy. With good numbers of 30-60 plus pound fish moving into the river we have good reason to get excited. We have the largest concentration of cobia anywhere on the east coast during the months of May and June as these fish move into our waters to spawn. Cobias have it all, they are great fighters, great table fare and eat most anything that you offer. Many bites come on the bottom, but we also catch quite a few fish on top water lures and the flies.

Inshore Fishing

Port Royal Sound hosts one of the best spawning grounds for cobia anywhere in the world and May is when it all begins. Look to have shots at 30-60 plus pound cobia on an average day. Is fly fishing your thing? Under calm conditions taking one of these bruisers on fly is always an option. While fishing for cobia doesn’t be surprised to also catch spanish mackerel, blue fish and various sharks. Moreover, the shallow water fishing is excellent. Look to catch good numbers of larger sea trout, redfish and flounder around the shell bars and mud flats.

Offshore Wreck Fishing

As cobia move into the sound they also stage up on the offshore wrecks. In general, the wrecks will hold a larger concentration of big fish during this time of year. Along with cobia expect to catch sharks (some exceeding 200 plus pounds), mackeral and various bottom fish. Due to the fact that these wrecks are located in open water we generally look for light winds and calm seas to go offshore.

Beaufort, SC Cobia Fishing

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Sight Fishing for Beaufort, South Carolina Cobia


Of all of the ways to catch a cobia here in the Beaufort area I really enjoy sight fishing for them. You generally need calm conditions to see the cobia cruising on the surface, but when things come together it is a real blast! Cobia a pretty bold creatures and will come right to the surface and cruise along as if they own the sea. When we find them there are a lot of tactics to get them to eat, but my favorite is to break out the fly rod and strip one right by their nose… if done properly it almost always results in a hard strike and a down and dirty battle. Spinning rods work well too and there are many different lures and natural baits that work well with a cruising cobia, but the key is a good presentation. Donking the fish up side of the head generally does not get it done. If you like an exciting style of fishing this may be the thing for you. Until next time, Catch em up! Capt. Charlie

Beaufort Fishing Forecast for April

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Fishing Forecast, Beaufort, SC

As the days become longer and the water temperature rises many of the fish that have been sluggish to eat will fire off for some great spring action. Some of the best fishing of the year is here so let’s sharpen our hooks and get after them.

This month’s feature is Inshore Trout and Redfish

April forecast

As the nights become shorter and temperatures rise the trout and redfish bite will fire off. These fish can feel spring coming on as the water temperature increases; during early spring you can expect to start catching good numbers of fish as they start to move into shallow waters to feed. The best part is that you don’t have to run far to the fishing grounds, they eat most everything that you put out and did I mention that they are great eating as well…just a little bonus. We use many different tactics to fish for trout and reds; from using live bait, lures, and flies to anchoring on the flats and creeks or sight fishing out of the flats boat.

Inshore Fishing

As the water temperature starts to move towards 70 degrees the inshore waters come to life. Trout and redfish feed heavily after the long winter giving us the opportunity to test our skills and enjoy the moderate outdoor temperatures. Late in the month we will begin to see the first of the cobia start to show up in the river and around buoys.

Wreck and Live Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing can be particularly good this time of year, especially around the deeper wrecks and live bottom areas. These areas are also staging points for cobia preparing to move into the sound. On an average day look to catch a variety of fish to include: sheepshead, weakfish, sea bass, flounder, snapper, grouper cobia and jacks. Not only are these fish a lot of fun to catch but also great to eat. Due to the fact that these fishing areas are located in open water we generally look for light winds and calm seas to go offshore.

Fly Fishing in Beaufort, South Carolina

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Fly Fishing Tactics in Beaufort, SC


Beaufort has some great fly fishing opportunities and some of the best action comes together during the winter months. As the water temperature drops our water clarity becomes crystal clear, similar to the bonefish flats of South Florida. The best part about redfishing though is that they will readily take a well placed fly and are much more forgiving than those spooky “ghosts”. This time of the year we are generally looking for big schools of fish. Many schools will have a mix of different sized fish ranging from 2-10 pounds. For the most part we don’t need to make super long casts, but you do need to be accurate. If you can cast 50-60 foot of fly line relatively accurately you can catch these fish. I use a number of different flies, but my most productive pattern is simply a white deceiver. If fly fishing is your thing give me a call. Until next time, catch em up. Captain Charlie

Beaufort Fishing Forecast for March

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Fishing Forecast Beaufort, SC

Cooler temperatures and clear water generally push most of our inshore fish into deeper water and our offshore fish into a feeding frenzy. This time of the year we look for calm clear days to sight fish the flats or to bottom fish the near and offshore wrecks.

This month’s feature is Sheepshead fishing

beaufort sc sheepshead fishing

Sheepshead are one of the hardest fighting and best eating fish that we have this time of year. These fish get their name from the sheeps-like teeth that they use to crush barnacles and crabs. They are also known as “convicts” due to the vertical stripes that run down their bodies, but the name ever fits as steal bait after bait off of your hook without you feeling a thing. Don’t worry however; they keep coming back for more. During the winter months sheepshead school up on the near shore wrecks where we can use light tackle to catch them.

Inshore Fishing

Short days and cooler air drive the water temperature into the low 50s this time of year. Not only does the water become cooler but also crystal clear. As the water cools most fish move into deeper water with the exception of schooling redfish which will huddle together on low tide flats in large numbers. This creates a good opportunity for shallow water sight fishing. Given good conditions don’t be surprised to get shots at large schools of fish (sometimes 100 plus fish per school) with light tackle and fly fishing gear.

Near and Offshore Wreck Fishing

Some of the best winter time fishing can be done on the wrecks which are located six to twenty miles offshore. On an average day look to catch a variety of fish to include: sheepshead, weakfish, bull redfish, flounder and sea bass. Not only are these fish a lot of fun to catch but also great to eat. Due to the fact that these wrecks are located in open water we generally look for light winds and calm seas to go offshore.

Fly Fishing for Redfish in Beaufort, SC

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Redfishing Excellent on the Shallow Flats

beaufort fishing report - redfish on the fly rodWe have seen some really nice sight fishing conditions over this past week and getting out redfishing has been really good. We spent a few days throwing soft plastics on the flats to the schools of reds. Many of the schools were in pretty tight balls and eating overall well. We also had a nice day with the fly rods, taking some big reds. One fish was pushing 10 pounds… nice catch on the fly! Also I have a new video out on youtube that shows a really nice school of fish up on the flats so check it out. Hopefully, the bite will stay strong. Until next time, catch em up! Captain Charlie