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Beaufort & Hilton Head Speckled Sea Trout Fishing Charters

speckled sea trout fishing in beaufort, scSpeckled Sea Trout (AKA Specks) are by far one of the prettiest fish that we catch in our local waters and yes they do look a lot like a freshwater trout. Though they look like a freshwater trout, specks are actually in the drum family thus most closely related to species such as redfish, black drum and croakers. Of the members of the drum family I would say that speckled trout are the most aggressive feeders and will often lay up along ambush points in schools dashing out in the current to feed. This is one fish that we commonly catch in good numbers without moving; I have caught over 100 specks out of one spot just as fast as we could get lines into the water! Most of our trout range in size from 14-18 inches though I have taken a number of larger fish over the years. We especially see our larger trout during the summer months, but please keep in mind that these large summer specks are spawning so in most cases we release them unharmed.

Light Tackle Fishing for Specks

nice catch of speckled sea trout out of Beaufort, South CarolinaHere in Beaufort and Hilton Head we have a really good trout fishery and we can catch these fish throughout the year, but the best action is in the late spring and then again during the fall. I usually look for trout around creek mouths, grass edges and island points. These spots provide good cover for the trout while at the same time giving them access to food as it is swept through by the tidal currents. As always I like to match my tackle to the size of the fish that we are fishing for. In many cases we will be using light 6-12 pound class spinning gear and small jigs, topwater lures  or live bait to catch trout. Because these fish get together in good schools and predictable areas fly fishing is also on option. For saltwater trout a 7 weight St. Croix is my fly rod of choice. In most cases, we will be blind casting as speckled trout tend to lay up in deeper water where we can’t see them but have no doubt; when we get on the school the action is non stop!


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