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Beaufort & Hilton Head Sight Fishing Charters

beaufort tailing redfishIf there one style of fishing that really gets me excited it is sight fishing! There is just nothing quite like seeing the fish and making that perfect cast before hooking up. This style of fishing is very interactive as we are always doing something; whether it be looking for fish, casting or ultimately hooking up. In many cases we are constantly on the move chasing fish rather than sitting in one spot waiting for the fish to come to us. This is one of the prime reasons that we fish out of a shallow drafting technical poling skiff, this boat was built to get us into remote shallow areas where fish hide. Though we are usually sight fishing in shallow water there are time when we look for fish in deeper waters. This comes together when fish move to the surface to cruise or feed. Sight fishing gives us great opportunities to target specific fish with both light spinning tackle and fly fishing gear.

Sight Fishing for Schooling Redfish

beaufort redfish guide - pair of beaufort winter redsDuring the winter months the water temperature drops dramatically thus killing off much of the algae and plankton that would normally give our waters a “dirty” look. Without the algae and plankton the cold waters become gin clear with visibility down to six feet or better and especially clear on the shallower flats. Moreover, the cold water drives redfish into huge schools on the shallow flats. I have seen schools of well over 1000 fish huddled together in a tight ball and laid up in less than a foot of water! Its one of those things that you really can’t miss when you are out sight fishing the flats. Because they are  in such shallow water we locate the fish by either seeing them laying along the bottom or by the signature wake that they push off as the move. Some of my biggest days redfishing with both spin and fly have come from fishing for the schooling reds and in my opinion it is sight fishing at its best.

Sight Fishing for Tailing Redfish

sight fishing for redfishFor me the start of spring marks some of the best sight fishing of the year… fishing for tailing redfish. By its very nature it would be hard not to get fired up by chasing after tailing redfish. It is what I like to call “hunting with a fishing rod”! As the flats start to warm up the fiddler crabs come out of their holes and the redfish will come up onto these flats in search of a tasty meal. As the reds dip down to feed on the crabs they expose their tails above the surface thus giving away their position. As opposed to our winter redfishing; here we are generally trying to pick out one individual fish and stalk him as he cruises through the shallows feeding on crabs. I have chased after one fish for over 15 minutes until I had the right shot for a hook up. Fishing for trailers requires a little bit of patience, you can’t just rush in and start casting to the fish. Rather, we like to watch the fish, figure out the best approach and move in for the best shot. This style of fishing works great with light spinning tackle, but if you like to fly fish it really is the ultimate hunt.

Sight Fishing in Deeper Water

beaufort cobia fishingThere is a lot of different ways to sight fish in deeper waters that may vary from looking for cruising cobia and triple tail to searching for white birds feeding over bluefish, jacks and mackerel. In most cases, nearshore sight fishing involves looking for fish feeding on the surface. Basically, the fish will drive bait up and pin them on or near the surface of the water to feed. This action can be seen from long distances as you my see birds hovering and feeding over the action and as you get closer you will see the fish busting on the surface. These feeding frenzies are really cool to see and can offer some excellent fishing action! The best part about these feeding frenzies is that the fish care little about the approach of the boat or the presentation, they are so fired up to eat that they will go after most anything that you throw, from topwater lures to fast moving flies.

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