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Beaufort & Hilton Head Shark Fishing Charters

bull shark caught offshore of beaufort, south carolinaDuring the summer months there is no shortage of sharks around Beaufort and Hilton Head, South Carolina. As the water warms we get a huge influx of baitfish pushing in from the ocean and where you have lots of food you can bet that the larger predators aren’t far behind. If your planning to go swimming on the beaches don’t worry, you can go into the water. Most of the sharks that we catch on the inshore and nearshore waters are relatively small and really want nothing to do with us. Moreover, because of the uniquely high salinity content of our inshore waters these sharks are free to push way inland, sometimes as far as 15 miles or more! On the other hand, if your looking to go fishing for sharks I have plenty of great spots where we can get you hooked up. Beaufort and Hilton Head have a number of different shark species to include: hammer head sharks, bonnet head sharks, bull sharks, dusky sharks, tiger sharks and black tip sharks. We catch these sharks anywhere from the inshore shallows to the deeper waters of the Port Royal Sound.

Shallow Water Shark Fishing

Shark Fishing in Beaufort, SCOn the inshore shallows we primarily find black tips and bonnet head sharks which average in size from 10-15 pounds though I have seen lemon sharks well over 200 pounds cruising along in just a few feet of water. Targeting sharks in shallow water is a blast for anglers of all ages using light spinning tackle and fly fishing gear. The bonnethead sharks come up onto the flats to feed on crabs and we regularly see them cruising around in less than a foot of water with their dorsal fin exposed. Because of this feeding behavior I often sight fish for bonnethead sharks as they lazily cruise the flats thus giving you a shot to see them before making that well placed presentation. Bonnetheads are very powerful and in shallow water they make blistering runs and put up quite a commotion as they thrash and throw water. As for the blacktips, they usually pop up on us when we lease expect it while poling along the edges of the flats and are always in the mood to take our offerings. Blacktip sharks are apex predators with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and built for speed to boot…if you hook into one of these sharks you had better be ready for a fight!

Shark Fishing Tackle

shark fishing tackleFishing for sharks with a  “broom stick” is not fun at all! I find that if you match your tackle to the size and power of the fish that you are fishing for it really enhances the experience. In fact, for most of my shark fishing we are using 6-12 pound class spinning gear to catch sharks up to 25 pounds. When fishing for larger sharks I will bump up my gear to 20 or even 30 pound spinning and conventional gear. And what about fly rods? Well, we do have some great opportunities to fly fish for sharks, especially in the shallow backwaters. Bonnethead and Blacktop sharks will readily take small flies using an 8 or 9 weight rod.

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