Shallow Water Fishing

Beaufort & Hilton Head Shallow Water Fishing Charters

shallow water fishing in beaufort and hilton head, sShallow water fishing in saltwater is a sport that has really taken off over the past few decades. You can really see this in the development of new boats that are made to go shallower and specifically built for the single purpose of sight fishing. Most of the shallow water areas that we fish are known as flats because of their flat gradient over expansive areas. Throughout Beaufort and Hilton Head we have miles of flat shoreline and thousands of acres of pristine flats to fish. Our prime target on these flats are redfish and occasionally cruising sharks. These fish spend time on the flats for both food and protection, many of the flats are loaded with crabs and small baitfish and seeing as how the water is so shallow most larger predators such as bottle nosed dolphins can’t enter allowing the fish to settle in to feed. While sight fishing we are most always on the move, using a push pole to quietly move the boat through skinny water in search of fish. In most cases, you will see the fish before ever making a cast so this style of fishing works very well for light tackle spin and fly fishing enthusiasts. Moreover, many of the places that we fish are quiet and relaxing…no motors, no stress…just you and the fish!

Shallow Water Mud Flats

winter redfishingMost of our mud flats are long strips of shallow water where fish will congregate to feed and pick up warmth from the sun in the shallows. Here we will be fishing in anywhere from 1-2 feet of water and looking for fish either laying on the bottom or cruising in schools. In many cases on the mud flats we will not find the fish actively feeding but rather laid up or slow cruising so a quick and accurate presentation is crucial. In fly fishing we call it a saltwater quick cast and the same concept can be adopted for spin fisherman as well. These fish tend to be spooky to anything that is out of place in their environment and this includes a boat so our goal is to see the fish and make a well placed cast before the fish either sees the boat and blows off or simply cruises out of casting range. The faster that you can get the cast out and in front of the fish the better chance you will have to get a bite…easier said than done when your fired up with excitement but thats the challenge of shallow water fishing!

Shallow Water Grass Flats

tailing redfishFishing over the shallow grass flats is a much different game than fishing on the mud flats. Here we are looking for individual fish actively feeding along the bottom and in many cases in less than a foot of water. In fact, I have seen reds feeding in water so shallow that nearly half of their bodies were exposed. The nice ting about actively feeding fish is that they are much less interested in what’s going on around them and tend not to be as spooky. This allows us to hunt one single fish and get into position for great shots with both spin and fly fishing gear. Moreover, as these reds feed in such shallow water they often expose their tails (AKA Tailing Redfish) which gives their position away from long distances. Of all of the fishing that I do throughout the year this is my personal favorite and if you are a shallow water enthusiast or just looking to try something different I am sure that you will very much enjoy this trip.


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