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Beaufort & Hilton Head Redfish Charters

redfishing in beaufort and hilton head, scThroughout the year I run more guided redfish trips than any other by far. This is mostly because there are so many redfish around Beaufort and Hilton Head and we can fish for them year round. During many charters we are specifically targeting redfish but we will also catch a number of other species such as speckled sea trout, flounder and even sharks. One of the coolest things about redfishing is that there are so many different ways to catch em. From light spinning tackle to fly rods to soft plastics, topwater or live bait tactics redfish are a blast to catch! Lets take a look at some of the different styles of redfishing that we have in the Beaufort and Hilton Head  area.

Flats Fishing for Winter Redfish

winter redfishingStarting around the middle of November when the days get shorter and cold fronts start to move in from the north our waters cool dramatically thus killing much of the algae and plankton that normally gives our waters a “stained” or “green” appearance. Without the algae and plankton the water becomes gin clear giving us excellent visibility to see fish. Moreover, the timing of the clear water coincides with our local redfish coming together into large schools on the flats. During the winter we commonly find schools of 200-300 fish and I have found schools in the thousands. Wow! Lots of fish and crystal clear water…this creates an excellent opportunity for us to sight fish the shallow flats and get lots of shots on a daily trip. Because these fish are in such large schools a stealthy approach and long presentations are very important as one wrong move can send the school fleeing down the flat.


Sight Fishing for Tailing Redfish

shallow water redfishFor me the start of spring marks some of the best sight fishing of the year… fishing for tailing redfish. By its very nature it would be hard not to get fired up about chasing after tailing redfish. It is what I like to call “hunting with a fishing rod”! As the flats start to warm up the fiddler crabs come out of their holes and the redfish will come up onto these flats in search of a tasty meal. As the reds dip down to feed on the crabs they expose their tails above the surface thus giving away their position. As opposed to our winter redfishing; here we are generally trying to pick out one individual fish and stalk him as he cruises through the shallows feeding on crabs. I have chased after one fish for over 15 minutes until I had the right shot for a hook up. This style of fishing works great with light spinning tackle, but if you like fly fishing it really is the ultimate hunt.

Estuary Redfishing

Inshore RedfishingRedfish are amazing creatures of habit and as the tide rises and falls they tend to move in and out with the tide staging up in specific areas to feed. Some of the areas that I like to fish within the estuary would include creek mouths, grass edges and oyster bars. These are areas that provide cover and structure for the fish to hang on while at the same time there is a good flow of water pushing small shrimp, crabs and bait fish through for the reds to feed on. This style of fishing is different form sight fishing in that we are waiting for the redfish to come to us rather than chasing after them and because we are not fishing in extreme shallow water the fish tend not to be very spooky. Moreover, while fishing around the creek mouths and grass edges we pick up quite a number of speckled sea trout and flounder.

Bull Redfishing

Bull Redfish with Beaufort Sport FishingRedfish are very long lived fish… living to be over 60 years old!  In all of that time they continuously grow, I guess thats why the South Carolina state record redfish weighed 75.0 pounds. Now that’s a big red! We call these big redfish bull reds. The average bull redfish will weigh between 25-30 pounds and they are pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean. During the summer months many of the bull reds caught in South Carolina come from the surf, but as we get into late summer these fish flood the Port Royal Sound to the upper reaches of the Broad River giving us a great chance to take a very large fish close to shore. Once you find them they are often schooled up which can offer some fast paced action!

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