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Beaufort & Hilton Head Inshore Fishing Charters

d Hilton Head Inshore FishingThe backwaters surrounding Beaufort and Hilton Head have some of the finest inshore saltwater fishing that you will find anywhere for species such as redfish, specks, flounder, cobia and sharks. Depending on what we are fishing for, certain seasons can be better than others but overall we have great inshore fishing options throughout the year. The things that I like most about inshore fishing is that most trips are relatively short (4-6 hours), the water is calm and we don’t have to run far to get to the fishing grounds. Plus the fishing is very interactive; you will have a rod in your hand throughout the trip and will be making the casts, hooking the fish and reeling them in. We have three main types of inshore saltwater fishing: shallow water flats fishing, estuary fishing and nearshore fishing so lets take a closer look at each of these.

Inshore Shallow Water Fishing

shallow water flats fishingInshore saltwater flats are areas of bottom that have very little contour or vertical drop over a particular area. Some flats are small and others stretch over hundreds of acres. These saltwater flats are great places to find sport fish such  as redfish because they generally hold a lot of food and also offer protection from larger predators. During the winter months we will find huge schools of redfish (some in excess of 1000 plus fish) on the low tide mud flats. These fish get forced out into the shallows as the tide drops out of the marsh and they will huddle together in such tight schools that they turn the bottom tar black! During the summer months we move off of the mud flats and onto the short grass flats to chase tailing redfish. These fish come up on the flats primarily to feed on small fiddler crabs. I have cleaned redfish that we caught on an a short grass flat that had over 40 fresh fiddler crabs in it’s stomach! Both winter and summer flats fishing is interactive and highly exciting because in both cases we are  sight fishing and you get to see the fish, cast to it and then watch them eat. On the inshore flats I exclusively use light tackle spin and or and fly rods.

Inshore Estuary Fishing

23 inch troutWhen I talk about inshore estuary fishing I am really grouping a a lot of different types of fishing into one category. Inshore estuary fishing may include fishing for species such as redfish, sea trout, flounder and small sharks. We have a huge tide swing (up to 9 plus feet of difference between high and low) that allows the fish to move not only up and down the shoreline but also well into the marsh and back out to the flats. The key is to judge exactly where the fish will be on any given stage of the tide. Many times as the water flows in and out of the creeks redfish, trout and flounder will stage up near the creek mouths and around the oyster bars waiting for food such as shrimp, crabs and small fish to be flushed past them with the moving water. I like to call it a fish buffet! While fishing the saltwater estuary you really never know what you might catch as many different species may move into the same area at the same time to feed. In these situations we can maneuver the boat into position to fish with live baits and artificial lures using light spinning rods and fly fishing tackle.

Nearshore Fishing

Beaufort and Hilton Head cobiaBeaufort and Hilton Head is divided by large bodies of water such as the Port Royal Sound and the Broad River. Once again these rivers are all tidal driven and depending on the time of the year we can catch a number of different fish species as they move inshore from the ocean. In early spring we have a good run of cobia that push up the rivers and then as we get into summer the tarpon show up and then finally in late summer we start to see good numbers of bull redfish push into the sound. Moreover, there are always good numbers of other fish to catch out of the inshore rivers to include, sea bass, whiting, Spanish mackerel, bluefish and sharks. Most of our nearshore fishing is done by either sight fishing for fish cruising on the surface or by means of bottom fishing. The nice thing here is that we don’t have to run far to get into some excellent fishing for the big boys!

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