Sight Fishing for Beaufort Redfish

Sight Fishing For Redfish in Beaufort, SC

Some of the best red fishing of the year comes together in march, so as I power my boat off of the trailer on a crisp mid March morning my hopes are high. Winter fishing for my generally means sight fishing from the poling platform…can it get any better. As I pull into my first spot I see the bottom of the shore line get up and move in unison, oops I guess that I wont see that school of fish again I say to myself as I climb up onto the platform. It doesn’t take long however to find another school of fish and what a school it is! There must be 200 plus fish here packed together in a tight ball like bait. We start firing lures with spinning gear over them and both my buddy and I hook up immediately. This goes on for twenty minuets or so until a local dolphin has plans of his own and literally “crashes” the party. What can you do the dolphin have to eat too. At the end of the day we totaled 12 reds…not too bad for a chilly winter fishing trip. to hear more fish tails contact me at beaufort sport fshing and lets get out to do some fishing!

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