There are a number of questions that I get on a regular basis. Please check out these F.A.Q. and by all means if you have any other questions just call or shoot me an e-mail.

What are your charter rates?

If you follow this link it will take you to my rates page: Charter Fishing Rates

How many people can come on the trip?

For most all trips I can take up to 4 passengers on my skiff and for shallow water trips I can accommodate up to 2 persons on my flats boat.

What do you provide and what do we need to bring? 

I provide everything that you will need for fishing to include the boat, bait, tackle, guide (myself), ice, bottled water and fishing license. You may want to bring a hat, sunglasses sun screen, seasonal clothing plus additional food and drinks.

Are we allowed to bring beer aboard?

Yes, but please no glass bottles or hard alcohol.

Do we need a South Carolina fishing license? 

No, I carry a blanket license that covers everyone on the boat.

When and where do we meet you for the charter?

I will provide you with the time of the trip as I base most departure times around the best tidal conditions and you can follow this link for directions to where we will leave out of: Driving Directions

Is there a bathroom on the boat? 

Unfortunately  No. I run smaller inshore boats so if the bathroom will be an issue please let me know so that I can make arrangements before we leave the dock.

Are we guaranteed to catch fish?

Well if fishing was guarenteed it would be called “catching”, but I do guarentee that I will always work hard to put you in the best position to catch fish and have a successful trip.

Can we keep the fish that we catch?

Yes, as long as the fish are with in the state and federal regulations. Please note that during certain times of the year and for certain species I may also impose my own regulations depending on how well the fishery is doing. Moreover, any fish that you keep I will be glad to clean and bag them for you at the end of the day.

How rough is the water and what if we have bad weather before the trip? 

Generally the inshore waters are protected and calm but if we encounter in-climate weather such as thunder storms or high winds I will cancel/reschedule the trip before we head out with no charge. If we have to come in early due to in-climate weather I will pro rate the cost of the trip.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Cash only. No checks or credit cards.

Do we need to have any fishing experience?

No, I try to base my trips around your individual experience level. Overall, a little experience with the spinning rod (or fly rod if you are fly fishing) will help a great deal. Other than that “guiding” you to the fish and helping you catch them is really what I do. For a quick refresher on casting a spinning rod follow this link: Spin Casting

I set up a Fly Fishing trip, what types of casts should I expect to be making? 

Overall, you should be able to cast accurately between 30 and 50 feet and have a 60 to 70 foot distance cast. The saltwater quick cast is also very helpful. Follow these links for more fly casting information: AccuracyDistance and Saltwater Quick Cast. Please note that I am also a certified fly casting instructor and will be more than happy to work with your cast if you like.

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