Redfish and Sheepshead Fishing – Beaufort, SC

We have really had a warm winter season this year and it seemed as though most of the fish were as confused as we were, but we are finally getting into some more regular patterns and the fish have responded well. I spent a few days out on the wrecks this past week fishing for sheepshead and was well rewarded. Those sheepshead can really clean a hook off without detection but in the end we pulled quite a number of nice fish in to include a few sheepshead in the 10-12 pound range. Also on the wrecks we were catching black sea bass and a few summer trout. Moreover, over two days on the wrecks I sighted three separate cobia outside of the Port Royal Sound so they are moving in a bit early this year. On the inshore waters I have been doing quite a bit of redfishing and though for the most part March was overall poor, it has finally started to pick back up. The other day we caught 15 reds over a half day trip and it looks as though they are breaking out of the big schools and starting to feed more aggressively around the bars and grass edges. I have also seen quite a few bonnet head sharks showing up along with some trout and flounder. It looks like the summer fishing season is here so sharpen those hooks and lets get out fishing! Catch em Up. Captain Charlie

Beaufort, SC Sheepshead


Captain Charlie Beadon



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