Beaufort Wreck Fishing

Nearshore and Wreck Fishing:

The best action around our nearshore waters right now is cobia and shark fishing. These fish generally frequent the same areas so it is not uncommon to have a shark hooked up on one line while fighting a 40 pound cobia on the other. These fish are large and in charge so you had best be prepared if you plan on bringing them boat side. Everything starts with matching your tackle – I use 20-30 pound class spinning and conventional rod combos (larger for big sharks) lined up with 50 pound braid and a beefy monofilament or wire leader. Along with cobia and sharks we will also be catching good numbers of whiting, black sea bass, blue fish and spanish mackerel. What more can I say…everything has sprung to life. Until next time, Catch em Up!


Beaufort Fishing Charters - Cobia

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