Beaufort Fishing Report – Spring Redfish Patterns

Warm Winter Pushing Beaufort Redfish into Spring Patterns

I am sure that everyone can agree that it has been quite a mild winter. We had pollen falling in February and the water temperatures rarely dropped into the low 50’s. For the fish they don’t have a thermometer or the weather channel, but I do believe that they get thrown off balance when conditions are not normal. We really saw that this year with the fluctuating temperatures as one day the fish were moving in regular pattens and the next they seemed to be moving all over the place. As long as we don’t get a hard stretch of cold it looks like we are going to get into our spring patterns a bit early this year. Though we are still seeing nice schools of redfish they are starting to break up and move around more. We will start targeting the fish more around the shell bars and grass edges as the begin to feed again.

beaufort south carolina redfish

Captain Charlie Beadon



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