Beaufort Fishing Forecast for July

Fishing Forecast Beaufort, SC

With favorable weather conditions our fishing season is well under way. The inshore fishing is only getting better and the offshore bite is still going strong. Moreover, longer days equates to more time on the water. Weather will become less of a factor inshore and we will still be looking for calm days to venture out towards the offshore wrecks.

This month’s feature is Tailing Redfish

Beaufort Redfish - Fly Fishing in Beaufort, SC

Fishing for tailing redfish has got to be one of the most exciting ways to catch fish in the lowcountry, possibly in all of shallow water fishing. This type of fishing combines all fishing skills plus it is very similar to hunting in the way that you stalk the fish. Picture this; you’re on a pristine short grass flat, the water is rising and in the distance you hear water splashing and fish crashing around. As the water rises the splashing gets closer and closer until you look in the distance and see rings of water moving outward form a copper-blue tinged tail. Then another and another…and you realize that you’re in the middle of a hot tailing bite. The only question is can you keep a steady casting hand as your heart races harder with every tail that pops up. This is fishing for tailing reds.

Inshore Fishing

By this time of the year most of the cobia have left the river or are on their way out, but to take their place we have some great shark fishing and the beginning of the tarpon run. This is also a great month to work the flats for tailing redfishSight fishing for tailing reds is one of the most exciting inshore fisheries in the low country. Near shore we have huge schools of spanish mackerel, blue fish and jacks which can be seen from great distances as they push glass minnows to the surface. Both of these fisheries create a good opportunity for those of you who like to toss flies at big fish. Moreover, look to catch good numbers of big sea trout, flounder, redfish and ladyfish as they feed around the shell bars.

Offshore Wreck and Live Bottom Fishing

As cobia leave the sound they move out to the offshore wrecks. In general, the wrecks will hold large concentrations of these fish during this time of year. Along with cobia expect to catch sharks (some exceeding 200 plus pounds), king mackerel, jacks and various bottom fish. The live bottom areas hold a lot of bait this time of year and in turn a good number of game fish. Look to catch quite a few king mackerel and a mixed bag of grouper, snapper and jacks. Due to the fact that these wrecks are located in open water we generally look for light winds and calm seas to go offshore.

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