Beaufort Fishing Forecast for August

Fishing Forecast Beaufort, SC

By this time of the year the water temperature has warmed up significantly and we’re getting into the dog days of summer. Just because it’s hot don’t think that the fishing will slow down, this is the time of year when we go after the big fish. Weather is less of a factor inshore, and we will still be looking for calm days to venture out towards open water.

This month’s feature is Mackerel

king mackerel caught in beaufort, sc

Kingfish are without a doubt a blast to catch! We call the little guy’s snakes and the big boys smokers, but make no mistake any size king will get your heart racing as it peels off line with blistering runs. These guys are built for speed, and have a set of dentures like a serrated knife set which they use to take pray in open water. Did I mention that they are pretty good to eat as well…you can’t beat grilled or smoked king mackerel.

Inshore Fishing

If you’re looking to catch a trophy fish this is the time of year to do it. Our inshore waters are holding good numbers of big sharks and tarpon. Look to catch tarpon in the 100 to 150 pound range, these bruisers fight hard and put on a powerful aerial show. This is also an excellent month to fish the flats for tailing redfishSight fishing for tailing reds is one of the most exciting inshore fisheries in the low country. Near shore we have huge schools of spanish mackerel, blue fish and jacks which can be seen from great distances as they push glass minnows to the surface. Both of these fisheries create a good opportunity for those of you who like to toss flies at big fish. Moreover, look to catch good numbers of big sea trout, redfish and ladyfish as they feed around the shell bars.

Offshore Wreck Fishing

The offshore wrecks will be holding quite a few cobia and king mackerel. Along with cobia and kings expect to catch sharks (some exceeding 200 plus pounds), jacks and various bottom fish. Due to the fact that these wrecks are located in open water we generally look for light winds and calm seas to go offshore.

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