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beaufort & hilton head fishing guideThe waters around Beaufort and Hilton Head Island offer some world class inshore and shallow water fishing opportunities. As a top vacation and fishing destination most people find that the best way to enjoy a relaxing hassle free day on the water is by simply hiring a fishing guide. We supply the boat, equipment, licenses and most importantly our knowledge of the local waters to put you in the right  position to catch fish! With changing tides, weather patterns and fish movements, hiring a guide that is on the water most every day will greatly increase your chances of bending rods and catching that fish of a lifetime. I find that my job as a full time fishing guide is not only to get you into the fish but also to provide a safe and unique experience on each and every trip. Please let me know how I can customize the right fishing trip to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Guide Services

light tackle redfishMy specialty is light tackle fishing with spinning and/or fly fishing gear.  It doesn’t matter if you have been fishing in saltwater for many years or just looking to attempt something new I always try to put the best trip together for you. Though I fish for everything that swims… its just in my nature, I can’t be everywhere at once. If you are looking to set up a guided fishing charter the best thing to do is discuss with me what your fishing interests are so that I can let you know if I can accommodate you. In some cases I may even recommend you to another fishing guide as he may specialize in your particular interest. But in most cases I find that many people are just looking to get out on the water to catch some fish and have a good time…I’ve got you covered there! On the inshore waters look to catch species such as redfish, speckled sea trout, flounder and sharks. Nearshore we catch cobia, tarpon, bull redfish, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel and blue fish. Listed below are a few of the different types of trips that we offer throughout the year.

Inshore Fishing Guide

inshore flounderWe have an excellent inshore fishery most of which takes place within the calm backwaters and flats located within a few miles of the docks from both Beaufort and Hilton Head. Some of the advantages of going inshore fishing are: the waters are generally calm, the runs to the fishing grounds are short and most trips can be done with in a 1/2 day charter. General inshore fishing would be considered going out and fishing for what ever is biting during that time of the year. Here we could catch a mixed bag of reds, specks, flounder, cobia, jacks ladyfish, bluefish, sharks and shrimp to name a few. Click Here to take a look at the various types of inshore fishing that we have during different times of the year. If you are looking for a relaxing day of saltwater fishing, an inshore fishing charter may be the trip for you!

Sight Fishing Guide

Beaufort / Hilton Head RedfishSight fishing is my favorite way to chase fish in saltwaters… it is the ultimate hunt with a fishing rod! What is sight fishing you may ask? Basically what we are doing is looking for signs of the fish before we cast to them, it may be a push of water, a tail, feeding activity or even a look at the entire fish. Once we get a good look at the fish you will cast a bait in its path to elicit a strike. This style of fishing lends itself well to using artificial lures and flies. Redfish will be one of our top sight fishing targets as they are plentiful  throughout the year; during the winter months we will look for the large schools of reds on the mud flats and over the rest of the year we will be hunting for tailing redfish on the short grass flats. During the spring we get a good run of cobia that can be caught while sight fishing as they cruise on the surface. Also during the summer months we will sight fish the nearshore waters for Spanish mackerel and bluefish as they crash the surface feeding on glass minnows and small squid.

Fly Fishing Guide

fly fishing for redfishFor as long as I can remember I have been fly fishing and tying flies and I truly enjoy sharing that experience with others! Here in the Lowcountry we have quite a number of different fly fishing options to choose from. On top of the list would be fly fishing for redfish primarily because we can fish for them year round and in many cases we are able to sight fish for them. The other fish that I like to fly fish for are cobia, speckled sea trout, Spanish mackerel and blue fish. These fish are seasonal so it really depends on the time of the year as to whether they are running. This is saltwater fly fishing and I use fly rods that range from 7-10 weight depending on what we are targeting. If you are looking for a fly fishing guide it is important that you choose one that fly fishes on a regular basis and understands the little nuances of fly fishing such as proper fly selection, boat placement and casting requirements. For much of our fly fishing it helps to have the ability to cast accurately at 40-50 plus feet. As a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, I also offer saltwater fly casting instruction if you need a refresher.

Nearshore Fishing Guide

Inshore SharkNearshore fishing can cover a number of different styles that may range from sight fishing the Broad River to dropping baits out in the Port Royal Sound. Most of our nearshore fishing is done in deeper water and we are fishing for larger species such as cobia, tarpon, bull redfish and sharks. In most cases these fish are going to be larger predators, some weighing in at well over 100 pounds. Given the larger size of these fish, we will often upgrade our tackle to 20 pound class spinning gear and 9-10 weight fly rods. The methods of fishing may vary from bottom fishing to sight fishing to even trolling. Fishing for the various nearshore species is highly seasonal but overall we will fish the nearshore waters from early spring until late fall.

Boats and Equipment

technical poling skiff for beaufort and hilton headFor fishing the the inshore backwaters we would fish out of my 18 foot technical poling skiff by Fly Boatworks. This boat is specially set up for poling and sight fishing the extreme shallows but also offers plenty of room and a great ride for running from spot to spot or fishing on the nearshore waters. I can accommodate up to two anglers in this boat. Moreover, I only use the highest quality and well maintained tackle such as St. Croix rods matched with Sage and Penn reels. As you can see we have quite a diverse saltwater fishery. Feel free to look through my website and see if there is a particular type of fishing that you are interested in. What can I say, the choices are limitless so if you would like to know more about what your options are or to Book a Fishing Charter shoot me an e-mail or give me a call. Captain Charlie


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