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Beaufort, South Carolina Wreck Fishing Charters

55 pound cobia taken from Beaufort, SC wreckBeaufort, SC has some excellent wreck fishing. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has done a great job of creating wreck sites for recreational fisherman to enjoy. Some of these wreck fishing sites are located on the inshore waters but most wreck sites are located anywhere from six to twenty miles offshore. I have been providing wreck fishing charters for years now and have found that the wrecks around Beaufort can offer some of the best bottom fishing anywhere! Through out the year we can catch species such as grouper, snapper, cobia, sea bass, weakfish, flounder, bull reds, sharks, black sea bass, jacks, mackerel and blue fish to name a few.

mixed bag of wreck fishI have been told that 90% of the ocean holds 10% of the fish and I can say that this is quite true. For the most part, much of the ocean floor is flat sand which really doesn’t do much to hold fish. On the other hand,  a large piece of structure on the bottom like a wreck will attract all sorts of fish. It starts with the smaller bait fish and moves right up the food chain to the larger preditors. We do have a hand full of natural wrecks, but most of Beauforts wrecks were placed in specific areas by the SCDNR. The structure may vary from subway cars to battle tanks to cargo ships. One thing is for sure… these areas hold fish. The only question is what’s on the end of the line!

wreck fishing for sheepsheadI use a number of different tactics to fish the wrecks depending on the conditions and what we are fishing for. Most wreck fishing is done by anchoring up and bottom fishing. On the bottom we would use a combination of live and dead baits. Another good wreck fishing tactic is trolling… here we might slow troll with live baits or pick up the pace and use artificial lures. If the conditions get right we may even do some sight fishing over the wrecks for fish like cobia and sharks as these fish like to cruise on the surface. It really doesn’t matter how you do it, wreck fishing is fun for anglers of all skill levels!

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