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At first glance flounder (AKA flat fish) are a pretty odd looking fish. They look like a deformed pancake with two bulging eyes and a tail… well looks aren’t everything. Here in Beaufort these fish are highly sought after for their excellent table fair. In fact, flounder are one of the most popular fish dishes in many seafood restaurants and they are also a favorite at my house.

flounder fishing in beaufort, south carolinaFlounder are the ultimate masters of camouflage. They have white bellies to blend in with the sky when near the surface and dark brown backs dotted with black spots to help them blend into the bottom. Flounder are aggressive ambush feeders that lay on the bottom and wait for food such as shrimp and small bait fish to pass over head. Once something good passes over them they dash upwards with lightning speed and take it down. We commonly find flounder in the same inshore areas as redfish and speckled sea trout. Some of these areas may include creek mouths and around oyster bars, basically anywhere that you have good current flow, structure and bait flowing though. We also find quite a number of flounder out around the offshore wrecks.

beaufort, sc doormat flounder - flounder fishing charters in beaufortThere are a number of ways to catch flounder, but overall I very rarely target flounder specifically on the inshore waters. In most cases we catch them while fishing for other species such as redfish and trout. On the other hand, when we get into an area that is holding good numbers of flounder we will often switch tactics to catch them as it is not uncommon for these fish to stack up in good numbers along a short stretch of shoreline. We also catch a good numbers of flounder around the offshore wrecks. These are generally larger flounder (AKA Doormats) and they will put up a really good fight on light tackle. These flounder like to lay on the sand around the outer edges of the wrecks waiting to ambush pray as it passes by. Around the offshore wrecks we use a combination of live bait and jigs to catch our flounder. For the most part it doesn’t matter if I am fishing inshore or offshore for flounder I like to use light 8-17 pound spinning rods which allow for a really nice fight.

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