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Beaufort, South Carolina Cobia Fishing Charters

78 lb cobia taken in Beaufort, South CarolinaCobia may very well be one of the coolest fish that swim in the ocean. I mean what fisherman wouldn’t like cobia… they are always eating, they grow fast, they put up a great fight and as a little bonus they are great eating too. Cobia look kind of like a catfish crossed with a shark, in fact I can’t tell you how many times one of my clients has said “look there is a shark swimming next to the boat”… well it was no shark but rather a curious cobia coming up to check us out. Beaufort has an excellent cobia run that starts in mid April and runs well into the summer. Not only do we find our cobia offshore but also well inland. The primary reason that we get such a huge concentration of large cobia around Beaufort in the spring is because they come here to spawn. In fact, many scientists think that Beaufort is one of the most productive cobia spawning grounds on the east coast.

Sight Fishing for Cobia

Beaufort South Carolina Cobia FishingOne of my favorite ways to chase cobia is to sight fish for them. It is quite a sight to see one of these bruisers swimming on the surface, it’s like they own the sea. It looks like a brown torpedo pushing through the water. Sight fishing for cobia can be a bit boring while you are looking for them, but when you find one the action picks up real quick. Though cobia are pretty bold creatures it does take a good presentation to get hooked up, basically donking them in the head with a lure won’t get the job done but rather send them for the depths. While sight fishing for cobia I use 20 pound class spinning tackle and for those of you who are bold enough to fly fish for cobia I use a 12 weight fly rod. It really doesn’t matter what size cobia that you hook into while fly fishing, you had best hang on because these fish will flat ware you out!

Offshore and Wreck Fishing for Cobia

nice cobia pair caught in beaufort, scWe have a number of natural and man made wreck sites here in South Carolina that hold not only cobia but other species such as grouper, snapper, flounder, amberjack, kings and sea bass. It takes a calm day to head offshore, but once we get out the action can be off the hook! Cobia are suckers for any type of hard structure and offshore wrecks are like cobia magnets. I have seen schools of 60 plus cobia cruising around some of the offshore wrecks. When the bite gets good the offshore wrecks around Beaufort will fire off with huge numbers of fish. Out on the wrecks we typically bottom fish with live bait, but given the right conditions sight fishing can be very productive as well.

Considering that the cobia are here to spawn it is very important that we treat this fishery with respect. If you are looking to go out meat fishing, I am probably not the charter boat for you. I place a boat limit of 1 fish for the boat per day and if at all costs I try to release the big females. As you can see from my pictures I have taken large fish. In fact, my largest cobia came in at 78 pounds, but as I have become more educated about this species I have learned that a little self restraint can go a long way.

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